Tricknologist is a white devil created by the mad scientist Yacub.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that
this was put into the history and then when the
year 8400 came, Yacub was born. When Yacub reached
the age of six years he was playing in the sand
one day with two pieces of metal, two
pieces of steel, at which time he discovered
what is known as the law of magnetism: that
unlike attracts and like repels. Two objects
that are alike repel each other like two women
repel each other, but man and woman attract each
other. Unlike attracts and like repels. Yacub
discovered this. So Yacub knew that all he had
to do was make a man unlike any other man on
this Earth and because he would be different he
would attract all other people. Then he could
teach this man a science call tricknology, which
is a science of tricks and lies, and this weak
man would be able to use that science to trick
and rob and rule the world. So Yacub turned to
his uncle and said, "When I grow up I'm going to
make a man who will rule you. " And Yacub's
uncle said,"What can you make other than that
which will cause bloodshed and wickedness in the
land?" And Yacub pointed to his head and said,"
I know that which you know not."

Tricknologist Facts:

Currently lives in the Heart of Darkness, LA

Hobbies include: gun collecting, home brewing, trippin' balls and [IMG]

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Apr 29, 2012