The Book Of The Apocales

The Book Of The Apocales
The Book Of The Apocales

During the time of the Great Tribulation, ...

One of the Four Horseman of the Apocales shall march to California to slay the beast of the field, Ingelded, on his fabulous steed, the Roxie...

Hail Victory!!!!!

It is said in the Book of the Hole, translated from Golden Tablets discovered by Lindstedt himself, that the Roxie Rider of the Apocales shall slay an innumerable amount of wigger beast of the field. The bodies shall stretch across miles. The great steed shall lay her fat arse upon a city, and thousands of young wiggers will suffocate to death within moments. Her queefs will rain down more destruction than the Ark of the Covenant. When this Warlord is done with his wigger prey, he will have made Atilla the Hun look like a faggot. Indeed, the Roxie will sit and pass gas many times. Hell hath no fury like gas from gargantuan trailer park ass. Or vag. Steer clear of the queefbomb. Yesssssssssss.

Fear, ye mamzers! Itz coming.

Hail Victory!!!!! Hail the Roxie Rider!!!!

When the DSCI Warlord, the Roxie Rider, has slain untold numbers of wigger mamzers and hath stuffed their young boys into the trunk of his steed... When the Bingo Ln. has been put to torch... When the gas has passed, and when any surviving wiglets look to the heavens for a breath of fresh air and pray for YHWH's mercy... When you see the 3 cylinder Geo Metro that once short bussed future sperglords to the DSCI Seminary...

He/she/it shall appear

The greatest power extant in the universe, a Black Hole Bootyhole, with power of unquantifiable proportions, shall be unleashed from Cinaedus anus, sucking the remnants of the wigger mamzer horde into the embrace of the Great Void.

The apprentice of The Last Fartsucker will prove to have learned his craft well, inverting the black magic of his former master and predecessor, fartsucking innumerable wigger jewstains into the Great Hole.

It shall continue for days and days, and when it seems to be without end, and all seems to be lost... the Roxie will be sucked into the Great Hole, producing the Great Clog, and providing a short respite for the wigger walkers who remain.

And during the Clog, the wigger multitude shall pray and pray to the One True God of the White Man... And the legends of the Old Torah shall sally forth.

The red hole shall be unleashed. Shazam bam goatse 1366x768. Some wigger mamzers shall be blinded by the horror, but the sacrifice will be deemed necessary.

And the multitude shall gaze in horror as the magic proves futile. "Har!" the Warlord will chuckle. "I have peered into the unending void from Cinaedus Anus, and have not been sucked in nor blinded.. Har! Who else but I could produce such a Hole, it was I who stretched dat ass from when the Cinaedus was a wee boy, when I started taking him to the Seminary."

It will be then when the Roxie adjusts her flab, just off to the side a little bit, revealing a small portion of the Great Hole. The multitude and the guards of the Old Torah will gaze on into the Shit Abyss Without End, to lose whatever heart which may have remained. The end will be near.


Have mercy, Ye Gods.

"You lied to me about m'boy! You lied to me about what you were doing in that Cinaedus' Anus too!"

And as the steed will yell, the last of the last wigger mamzers will look on in horror.

And the steed will lash back, and the lard will rumble. The cheeks will thunderclap. And the horror will continue, for a fat white ass thunderclap had never been seen in all of the Universe.

And the Rider of the Roxie will be discharged from his mount, and plunge to the earth. There will be a boom...and a bust...and only a fat white trash pederast cripple left in the dust.

And the steed will consume the unending void, the Great Hole of the Cinaedus Anus, and become a fatass galaxy unto herself.

And she will roar and chimp, producing a fury like no other, ushering in the moment of the Great Chimpout.

And the guards of the Old Torah will offer to be with her. They had pleasured the gigantic space hog rhinoceros for the amusement of the Ninja for passage through a world beyond eons ago. And she will take them. The most disgusting scene ever witnessed by witnesses will unfold. But one will be smashed in a clap of back flab chunks, and another lost in an immense pockmark on the Left Cheek of the New Moon. And the legendary Torah Polish Sniper of yore will fire his last round, only to have it fly far off the pockmark.

And the end. The end will be coming. The multitude will pray and pray.

The fate of the world will rest in the steed's hands. An infuriated elephant of galactic proportions with no Hannibal to mount her, none to make her yield..

The wigger mamzers will die, and El Molesto too!

But then he shall appear. An illuminated disheveled toothless bum from a library dumpster. The foremost anti-Semite and saint of the MamzerBarrell in its last moment of need.

"The wiggers can be saved! And the mamzers! And the bleached she-boon too! So long as they accept Christ, and unite against the Jew!"

And the Roxie will laugh, and pass her great gas, combined with all of the power of the unending Void from the Cinaedus' Great Hole...

And the empty gums shall loosen, open, and suck and suck...


Filling and filling to the point of complete fartsucker master lung capacity, to near explosion, the gas will have passed, and will have been sucked.

But the steed will cackle... and the Saint will know fear. As will the wigger mamzer mongrel multitude.

For the lips had parted and vibrated, releasing the Last of the Great Queefs.

Fucking gross!

And the fartsucker... he had been sucking farts for millennium, since the dawn of time, before even the birth of Adam, when he sucked the farts of the soulless obongoan beasts of the field.

But never a queef.

And the Great Polak Sniper will, in a moment of genuine Polish Clarity, punch him in the gut with his rifle butt.

And The Last Fartsucker's burp will unleash the contents of his belly or whatever, launching the Last Sucked Fart against the Last of the Great Queefs.

And the most disgusting vile air titans will clash...Pushing against one another...Unstoppable fart and unmovable queef...Neither yielding...But they had not seen the Great Hole of the Cinaedus fixed betwixt the Queef and Sucked Fart, and it had devoured the steed queef.

And the last Sucked Fart moved quickly, lodging the Cinaedus into the Steed Vag, together launched into an unknown world.

If you have trouble imagining the scene, just think of a DragonBALLZ HOLLER energy blast battle but with the grunts of dumpster bums and giant trailer whores and with queefs and farts and vag and Cinaedus anus fixed betwixt.

And the wigger multitude was saved by The Last Fartsucker, who will hath sucked his Last Fart, and who will hath commanded his people to destroy the shape-shifting heeby jeebies of the 'Kwa.

But first they will fall upon the disabled El Molesto, lodging peckerwood through thick dumb skull. Ungghh.

And the Rainbow Coalition of Saint Asster The Last Fartsucker will finally unite against the heeby jeeby shape-shifters, ending the Great Tribulation with a battle of mamzers.

For I am Saint Asster of Fatmost, foremost anti-Semite, and herein is the one true translation of my Revelation of the Apocales, the last chapter of the Holiest of Holies Book of the Hole.

Genesis 3:15 reared its ugly head... And it will blare on angel trumpets during the Great Tribulation, as sucked fart smashes trailer queef and blows away the most rotund white asses in the galaxy

Nolle prosequi!

Rock you like a hurriKane!
May 27, 2012