Edmonds Fitzgerald

Edmonds Fitzgerald
Fitz is a motivationally challenged East-Coast Canadian who lives in a bottle. As such, he's considered part of a Protected Class By Canaduh's Human Rights Tribunal.

Unfortunately, Fitz' work shy habits cause him to involuntarily detox on a semi regular basis. Fitz' learned early in life to not work and collect Welfare, in order to free up more time to drink with his Uncles.

Fitz Facts:

He's from Canaduh eh

Fitz is banned from Nova Scotia after drinking the Province dry during a month long binge.

The movie Strange Brew is based on Fitz' life

Fitz Quotes:

Edmonds Fitzgerald: take some time off from fucking the dog.

Edmonds Fitzgerald: I don't hate things that I know know nothing about.
Edmonds Fitzgerald: my hatred for work comes from experience.

Edomonds Fitzgerald: I'M RINKING THE KRAKEN


Aug 13, 2012
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