A young sperglord of supreme swarth, Clancy failed the entrance exam for ITT Tech. Now he lives in his mother's basement and attends a HBU where he's majoring in GLBT Studies, with a minor in the Custodial Arts.

His eventual dream is to be taken in by a gang of feral niggers as their homosexual fuck toy.

Clancy Quotes

Clancy FAQ's

cLancy would rather not be trolled...-

cLancy was raped by the TSA, it was traumatic...

cLancy believeth not in G-d nor Devil...

cLancy considers Somalis to be ragheads, not niggers...

cLancy's shoes don't fit...

cLancy likes pussy, but he's never had any...

cLancy is bi-confused-and-curious...

cLancy once defeated someone in a "meat debate"

They really think cLancy is hot stuff.

cLancy is excited for tomorrow night.

Clancy is known as a Cinaedus for advocating various non white philosophies and for admiring older homosexual men like apollonian and Marty Lindstedt.

cLancy does not find Marmaduke humorous...

cLancy has never watched "The Avengers".

cLancy is not a fan of "Garfield The Cat."

cLancy was born with a bowl haircut. See Below:

Clancy's Family Life

cLancy's mom will not allow him to grow a mustache, it is forbidden in his culture - only the women may grow a mustache.

cLancy is half Irish (The Wrong kind of Irish.) - half South American god-less headhunter savage.

To work his way through college cLancy got a job with the Fuller Butt-Plug Company™, selling butt-plugs door to door. The fact that none of the god-less headhunter savage huts had doors being but a minor setback.

Soon, Mama cLancy had packed potatoes and cabbage and corned beef in a monkey skull and pointed young cLancy in the general direction of America. Little cLancy followed the Godless Headhunter and Barnum & Bailey Circus to San Antonio where he met The Last Fartsucker, admired his shillelagh, and became his Scentless Apprentice.

cLancy's Mom.

cLancy's "Two Daddies".

A Shameless Brown Noser

Clancy is known for being a Fawning Fanboi and is world famous for his sycophantic suck poopery. His bromantic man-crushes on older men are a source of scandal for his family, but he's so oblivious to any concept of shame that he once shrugged off having his mom catch him with a hobo's dick in his mouth.


Clancy is a follower of Gangster Bolshevism and a proud and out the closet member of both The Cult O' The Stinky Carrot and the Holy Temple of the Mishima Man-Crush.

Clancy participating in a Stinky Carrot ritual

As a testament to his brown nosing abilities, Clancy had the mark of the Creepin' Crud spooged upon his neck.


Cinaedus: aka Nancy/Clancy


List of people whiter than Clancy:

Vin Diesel
Barack Obama
Most Persians
1/3 of Turks
Idi Amin
Bill Cosby
50 Cent
Ice T
Ice Cube
Rob Van Winkle
Don Rickles
Nigger Jim
Scatman Crothers
Bob Saget
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
Desi Arnaz
Henry Winkler
Moe Howard
Grace Jones
George Washington Carver - (inventor of the peanut.)
The Iron Sheik
Charles Taylor
Frederick Douglass
Tiger Woods
Tony Clifton
James Brown
Lena Horne
Little Black Sambo
Hattie McDaniel
George Jefferson
Flavor Flav
Daryl Basarab
Tony Ortega (Heir to the Ortega Taco fortune.)
M.C. Hammer
Eddie Anderson
Amos but not Andy
Louis Farrakhan
Arsenio Hall
Allen Clayton Hoskins
William "Billie" Thomas, Jr.
Whoopi Goldberg
Brian Peppers
Will Smith
Will Smith's daughter that sings that damned annoying song about her hair...
The Gorgatron
Busta Rhymes
Tom Jones
Richard Simmons
The dry bones o' Sammy Davis Jr.
Courtney Love
George Takei
Bamboo Harvester
George Jetson
His Boy, Elroy
Daughter, Judy
Jane, his wife
Ji Xueping of the Yunnan Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology
Homo floresiensis
Gabby Douglas
The Skipper too,
The millionaire and his wife,
The movie star...
The professor and Mary Ann
Ace The Wonder Dog
Autumn (Beer Barrel user of mystery meat genetics)

May 18, 2014
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