This Ugly Civilization

Blog entry posted by billy_boatrocker, Oct 2, 2017.

"Above all, this civilization is ugly because of the subtle hypocrisy with which it
persuades the people to engage in the factory production of creature comforts while
imposing conditions which destroy their capacity for enjoying them. With one hand it
gives comforts--with the other hand it takes comfort itself away.
The servitude to the factory which it enforces uniformly upon all men harnesses
skilled workers and creative individuals in a repetitive treadmill which makes each
muscle in their bodies, every drop of blood in their veins, the very fibres of their
being, cry out in voiceless agony that they are being made to murder time--the
irreplaceable stuff of which life itself is composed.
For America is a respecter of things only, and time--why time is only something to
be killed, or butchered into things which can be bought and sold." - Ralph Borsodi 1929

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